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package / пакет, упаковка, посылка
имя существительное
package, packet, pack, batch, parcel, bundle
packaging, packing, package, pack, wrapping, boxing
parcel, premise, package, premiss
pack, package, pack up, incase, wrap, encase
draw, execute, formalize, format, package, get up
package, prepack, prepackage
имя существительное
an object or group of objects wrapped in paper or plastic, or packed in a box.
Next to her place was a dry goods store where they still wrapped your packages in brown paper before sending you home.
a set of proposals or terms offered or agreed to as a whole.
a package of economic reforms
a collection of programs or subroutines with related functionality.
That same year, the technology was further developed into a software package called Internet Phone Software.
put into a box or wrapping, especially for sale.
choose products that are packaged in recyclable materials
present (someone or something) in a particular way, especially to make them more attractive.
everything became a carefully packaged photo opportunity
They get a bunch of lines, story, etc. and then they try to package it and display it so the audience gets the required message.
The second package leaves Dublin for London and on to Istanbul from May 13 to 16 inclusive.
it's a question of trying to package the book properly
Grand prize is a vacation package for two upper class tickets to the U.K. and hotel accommodations, and a signed guitar from the band Travis.
But in exchange for a larger severance package , he agreed to stay until April to help and train an outside company that InfoSpace hired to do his old job.
‘Here, I got you a little something,’ she says, handing me a flat, square package .
someone had left a suspicious package
By observing their spending habits and behaviour, you can identify your location for distribution as well as other considerations such as how much to package in one product unit.
Chicagoland Speedway's Track Pack season ticket package is now available to the general public.
Lighthouse tours were included in my vacation package and I was in the mood for sightseeing.