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pacify / усмирить, усмирять, умиротворять
pacify, suppress
pacify, suppress, manage, cow
square off, pacify, appease, placate, calm, propitiate
quell the anger, agitation, or excitement of.
he had to pacify angry spectators
‘Hey calm down’ I tried to pacify him, but before I knew it, I was up against the door, held at the collar.
The government must realize that brute force alone will not pacify the restive region.
We need to pacify the population and win them to our side before any serious nation-building can take place.
There is no doubt that the kind of personnel required to invade a country and the kind needed to pacify a nation are two different breeds.
Would you ever pacify angry clients by giving them extra hours at no charge?
We have no local support and half the force we need to pacify the country.
And now there are also angry shareholders to pacify .
As a result, the authorities needed three more years to pacify the country.
To return to the military metaphor, not only do officers have to build high walls against outsiders, they must also pacify a broad swath of territory beyond the fortress.
A plumber was stabbed in the chest and died within minutes when he tried to pacify an angry man armed with a knife outside a public house, a jury was told.