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pacemaker / электрокардиостимулятор, лидер, задающий темп
имя существительное
pacemaker, pacer
leader, chief, pacemaker, pacesetter, pacer
задающий темп
pacemaker, pacer
имя существительное
an artificial device for stimulating the heart muscle and regulating its contractions.
The most common forms of heart failure are treated with drugs and electrical devices such as pacemakers and implanted defibrillators, but if symptoms continue to worsen, other therapies are needed.
Escape rhythms are the result of spontaneous activity from a subsidiary pacemaker , located in the atria, atrioventricular junction, or ventricles.
On the third lap his pacemaker moved aside as El Guerrouj put in a 55-second lap.
We put a pacemaker in there just to make sure it was a strong pace and he had everybody beaten.
Our own internal pacemaker tunes our mental and physical energy levels more or less to the cycles of sunlight.
Toffan and McCaffery had entered Bosque Redondo mainly to serve as a pacemaker for stablemate Came Home, who wound up winning the race.
Context.-Interstitial cells of Cajal are pacemaker cells in the smooth muscles of the gut.
The sinus node is a natural pacemaker in your heart that helps your heart beat steadily.
In 1998 the journal Science published a report that indicated that light exposure to the back of the knee may reset the human circadian pacemaker .
That is some record for a horse used primarily in those races as a pacemaker .
the brain's circadian pacemaker which regulates our ‘biological clock’