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pace / темп, скорость, шаг
имя существительное
pace, tempo, rate, time, movement, bat
speed, velocity, rate, pace, rapidity, quickness
step, move, stride, pace, increment, walk
gait, pace
tread, step, pace, footfall, footstep, going
pace, perambulate, go about
step, tread, pace, stride, leg, foot-slog
задавать темп
set the pace, pace
идти иноходью
pace, amble, rack
с позволения
имя существительное
a single step taken when walking or running.
He always did that when we said goodbye: he'd walk a few paces , turn and wave.
consistent and continuous speed in walking, running, or moving.
most traffic moved at the pace of the riverboat
walk at a steady and consistent speed, especially back and forth and as an expression of one's anxiety or annoyance.
we paced up and down in exasperation
with due respect to (someone or their opinion), used to express polite disagreement or contradiction.
narrative history, pace some theorists, is by no means dead
The three riders rounded the bend, as Garon's front entrance came into view the trio slowed down the pace of their horses and rode alongside each other.
In his exploration of the evolution of Calgary, entitled Birth of a Metropolis, Lougheed underscores the city's rapid pace of development.
I steal with quiet pace
We speeded up our pace , so fast it looked like we were racing each other.
Heiferman began at the pace of a runaway horse, and his frenzy only increased as he continued.
Luckily he had the use of the Royal Pacers; soldiers trained to pace precisely the same distance in each stride.
the poor neighborhoods fester at an increasingly rapid pace
Billy and White Eagle drove their horses at a furious pace as they hoped to escape Slade's wrath.
Slow fades and dissolve shots are also used to complement the film's unhurried, unforced pace .
It was disbanded by 1919, but as the Second World War gathered pace , the need for extra hands on the land increased.