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oxidize / окислять, окисляться, оксидировать
oxidize, acidify, oxygenate, acidize, oxidate, oxygenize
oxidize, acidify, oxidate, acetify
oxidize, oxidate
combine or become combined chemically with oxygen.
when coal is burned any sulfur is oxidized to sulfur dioxide
In the process of decomposing, H2O2 releases free radicals - highly reactive intermediates that oxidize other molecules by removing electrons or hydrogen atoms from them.
the fats in the food will oxidize, turning it rancid
secondary alcohols oxidize to give ketones
the fats in the food will oxidize, turning it rancid
This engine, like other hybrids, uses nitrous oxide as liquid oxidizer , but uses paraffin rather than rubber as the engine's solid fuel.
After slicing up the apricots and nectarines…… I read her next instruction: ‘Squeeze the lemon on the fruit to prevent oxidization .’
Human activities that increase air concentrations of oxidizers , such as ozone, can thus boost the concentration of aerosols over forests, the researchers note.
We used 3 measures to quantify plasma susceptibility to oxidization .
I am concerned about oxidization over a long period of time.
These unsaturated hydrocarbons are readily oxidised and polymerised, which can reduce the oil's shelf life.