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ownership / собственность, владение, право собственности
имя существительное
own, property, ownership, possessions, proprietorship, worldly goods
possession, ownership, hold, domain, tenure, command
право собственности
ownership, proprietary, title, property, propriety, sasin
имя существительное
the act, state, or right of possessing something.
the ownership of land
In an economy based on agriculture, the ownership of land is the key to survival and power.
Property relations should be reformed to give greater security to the ownership of land.
the rise in car ownership
The ownership of the animals specified in the charges was transferred to the respondents.
The ownership of the vehicle was not transferred to them until they accepted the agreement.
Full ownership of the car is yours from day one, with the proviso that you keep up repayments.
In fact there may be specific controls on the foreign ownership of banks.
Car ownership is rising and will not be reversed, either in the UK or further afield.
The ownership of land, as opposed to personal property, is subject to particular rules.
Only a few months ago, he was questioning the ownership of the land and trying to stall the plans.