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owl / сова, сыч, филин
имя существительное
owl, eagle-owl
имя существительное
a nocturnal bird of prey with large forward-facing eyes surrounded by facial disks, a hooked beak, and typically a loud call.
Flammulated Owls are small owls with short ear-tufts that can be held erect or flush to the head.
An owl hooted and the sound reverberated off into the night, fading away into the distance until silence resumed once more.
The Barn Owl is a gray-and-tawny owl with a white, heart-shaped face and dark eyes.
The night was still and no sound was heard, apart from the occasional hoot of the owl , the master of the shadows.
What concerns bird lovers is that owls are birds of prey - and they don't make good pets.
The noise reduction achieved from the tattered fringe makes owls the quietest flying birds, Lilley said.
The great majority of past studies in this area have been on birds of prey and owls .
The crickets chirped, and the owls hooted, praising natures majesty.
In the ever-present darkness that shrouds Dudleytown Hill, owls are said to hoot throughout the day.
The nocturnal owls , nightjars, and allies often are poorly known, and very few species have been studied in detail.
Athyra is a large brown owllike bird that can emit psychic signals to lure prey or frighten predators.