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owe / быть должным, причитаться, быть в долгу
быть должным
be to, must, have to, owe, need, be bound to
be due, owe
быть в долгу
be in debt, owe
have an obligation to pay or repay (something, especially money) in return for something received.
they have denied they owe money to the company
He did not owe any allegiance to Lyra; he could do as he wished.
Over coffee the Queen asked him ‘To what do we owe the unexpected honour of your visit?’
Brigget was nowhere to be found, so I helped myself to a mouth-wateringly good cherry tomato. Man, was it good! Brigget, I owe you for a tomato. Okay, okay… I owe you for two tomatoes!
There's no need to hold onto your tax return just because you owe the government money.
I owe my life to you
We owe him some respect for that and we need to help him make that affirmative case for change.
I owe you for the taxi
We owe Debra an immeasurable debt of gratitude for blowing the whistle.
Those defendants did owe to the claimant a duty of care.
These men do low wage and often seasonal work, and owe large sums of money which most could never hope to pay off.