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overwrought / переутомленный, возбужденный, перегруженный деталями
имя прилагательное
overwrought, overdriven, overfatigued, overexhausted, overweary
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, hot
перегруженный деталями
overwrought, finicky, finicking, finical
имя прилагательное
in a state of nervous excitement or anxiety.
she was too overwrought to listen to reason
(of a piece of writing or a work of art) too elaborate or complicated in design or construction.
The award for most overwrought writing about snow goes to…
But it's hard not to examine the writing or the characterization without regretting their overwrought , bombastic tones.
He commands this role, speaking in a frenzied bark of orders, put-downs and overwrought egomania.
And I still thought the piece from Soul Stories was overwrought and pretentious.
As he told his story, he appeared overwrought , fatigued and unsure of how to deal with what he characterized as the extreme pressure of national attention.
These overwrought visitors to the site of the tragedy, clutch each other in their grief, almost inconsolable - until they return to their safe suburban homes and turn on the tv to await their next bite of reality.
In the end, when the ‘crisis’ has been resolved in the usual muddy compromise, people are embarrassed to look back and see how overwrought they had become.
I wondered as I listened to the mannered and overwrought theatrical stuff why he hadn't put that in there instead.
Overweight, overtired and overwrought with grief, Duncan presented an excessively undisciplined body.
She explains that animation was used as a tool to dramatize the passionate, hysterical, overwrought and angry elements of teenagers' lives.
Some people just can't see past the wooden characters, overwrought prose, and fantastic speculations about the nature of the universe.