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overwork / переутомление, сверхурочная работа, перенапряжение
имя существительное
сверхурочная работа
overwork, overhours
overstrain, overwork
overwork, run down, overstrain oneself, overwork oneself, strain oneself
overdrive, overwork, overstrain, run down, drive, overweary
rewrite, overwork
имя существительное
excessive work.
his health broke down under the strain of overwork
exhaust with too much work.
executives who are overworked and worried
his health broke down under the strain of overwork
Men suffering from overwork , tiredness and stress are less likely ‘to share family meals, to read, play and help children with homework, and to be involved in recreational activities or to do the shopping’.
his health broke down under the strain of overwork
I think a lot of doctors are vulnerable because of overwork and too much stress.
Practitioners use ginseng as a tonic, primarily to treat patients who are worn-out, either from overwork , emotional stress, or old age.
Independent research indicates that they live in extreme poverty and suffer stress and exhaustion from overwork and forced overtime.
All the muscles in her tiny body seemed to hurt; whether from overwork or fatigue she couldn't decipher.
The most simple way to cut spending is to cut salaries for all doctors, but health-care staff are already overworked .
Mr Peach admitted departmental officers were often overworked and inexperienced, and worked in isolation.
You'll be overworked and exhausted there, too.