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overweight / избыточный вес, перевес, излишек веса
имя существительное
избыточный вес
advantage, superiority, preponderance, overweight, odds, overbalance
излишек веса
имя прилагательное
весящий больше нормы
тяжелее обычного
overload, overburden, transship, supercharge, reload, overweight
burden, encumber, charge, load, saddle, overweight
имя прилагательное
above a weight considered normal or desirable.
he's forty pounds overweight
имя существительное
excessive or extra weight.
Only two other comparable studies have examined later adult risk in relation to both childhood and adult overweight , and these used body mass index as a measure of obesity at both ages.
put too much weight on; overload.
Wallowing in the aftermath of such bereavements, she overweights her plots with aching losses.
Therefore, primary preventive strategies may include measures to avoid weight gain, or to achieve weight loss in overweight patients.
‘Gee, look Cindy, they got gondolas,’ crooned an overweight woman to her massive friend.
Because of the difficulty in maintaining weight loss over time, prevention continues to be the most viable option for controlling overweight .
Overestimation of height and underestimation of weight in overweight people will magnify underestimation of body mass index.
Bulimics tend to be of normal weight to slightly overweight .
In sharp contrast, her junk-food-eating brother who loves hamburgers is massively overweight and so are her mother and father.
Growth charts, ideal body weight, and body mass index were mostly used to assess and monitor overweight .
The evidence for the effectiveness of interventions for weight loss among overweight adults, compared with obese adults, is limited.
I was overweight , but I managed to reduce my weight and have maintained it for the last 10 years.
Overall, there is no evidence that low-fat diets are any better than low-calorie diets in achieving weight loss in overweight or obese people.