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overweening / самонадеянный, высокомерный, самоуверенный
имя прилагательное
presumptuous, arrogant, overweening, confident, assuming, presuming
arrogant, haughty, contemptuous, lofty, supercilious, overweening
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, overweening
имя прилагательное
showing excessive confidence or pride.
overweening ambition
A legal system needs multiple lines of defense against miscarriages of justice, and historically the jury has had few rivals as a way of protecting defendants from overweening official power.
For the medieval period, especially the Renaissance, is replete with examples of overweening pride in the human place in the cosmos.
It is the overweening ambition of the theory to explain or explain away rational thought, including philosophy.
We organised races, and spurred by overweening confidence, tested the crafts' stability by standing on the seats and swaying until tipped into the cold water.
They do not look for, do not see, and do not achieve insight into their fatal flaws - arrogance, overweening pride, hypocrisy, ineptitude, and, increasingly, irrelevance.
The overweening arrogance of the Supreme Court.
Although he was an academic, he did not appear to have the arrogance and overweening sense of self-importance that some of his kind possess.
The notion itself has an overweening hubris to it.
To those I would add presumptuous, imperious, overweening and authoritarian.
The answer is clear - his overweening ambition.