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overvalue / переоценка
имя существительное
reassessment, overestimation, re-evaluation, overvaluation, transvaluation, overvalue
overestimate, revalue, overrate, overvalue, re-evaluate, overprize
слишком высоко оценивать
overestimate the importance of.
intelligence can be overvalued
He painted an acute picture of how many entrepreneurs overvalue their businesses.
At the same time, we can also see that the chances of success in this enterprise will be greater if the society in question does not overvalue external goods of the sort that cause envy and competition.
His place in the pantheon of popular culture seems equally secure, but to applaud him as a design genius is to misunderstand and overvalue both the man and his work.
The method is simplistic and tends to overvalue the brands, but it is used by brand buyers for that very reason.
This may mean they undervalue something (and therefore the market doesn't provide enough of it) or they may overvalue something (in which case the market will provide and distribute too much of it).
FASB's recommended formula, called the binomial lattice method, may well overvalue some options.
These impacts were somewhat exaggerated since the Soviet production system tended to overvalue and overstate output.
I think we tend to overvalue some of the genetic therapy where it's very seductive.
At a time when heads involuntarily start to drop, the worth to a manager of a player such as Andy is hard to overvalue .
Personally, I think we overvalue public speaking skills in politicians.