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overuse / злоупотреблять
abuse, misuse, overuse, overindulge, trespass, misapply
имя существительное
excessive use.
overuse of natural resources
use too much.
young children sometimes overuse “and” in their writing
Antibiotic overuse has been responsible for the development of bacteria that resist eradication.
young children sometimes overuse “and” in their writing
This sort of artistic dilettantism helps to prevent any single endeavor from becoming stagnant - one imagines the butcher who keeps all of his knives sharp by not overusing any single one.
Certainly you are correct that overuse of antibiotics can breed resistant strains.
We know that some people do refrain from overusing nonrenewable resources, from forests and fish to less tangible resources such as clean air and physical space.
Increased levels of activity or exercise may indicate a musculoskeletal injury caused by overuse .
This indicates roughly how many pages you can print per month without overusing the device and reducing its useful life.
By the way, can I draw everyone's attention to my overuse of parentheses in the last paragraph?
Other problems concern overuse and pollution of ground water and the loss of wetlands.
It essentially relied on two ideas, neither of them novel, both overused .