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overtook / догонять, нагнать, настигать
overtake, run down, overhaul
catch up, overtake
overtake, reach, run down
catch up with and pass while traveling in the same direction.
the driver overtook a line of vehicles
(especially of misfortune) come suddenly or unexpectedly upon.
the pattern of economic ruin overtook them
He told the inquiry he was aware there was a vehicle, a Transit van, behind him which overtook the bus, passing by closely.
A heady rush of feelings and pleasures overtook her.
Whatever disaster overtook life on Earth at the end of the Permian killed off just about all of the temnospondyls in a fairly short space of time.
Before he could make sense of the hieroglyphs, a heavy feeling overtook him as his meal worked through his limbs.
But events soon overtook the project, and the filmmakers end up recording history in the making.
The two drivers overtook a number of vehicles along the road and witness statements expressed concerns about the speed of the two sports cars.
When one of these moods overtook her, she became unmanageable.
But just as the petrol engine overtook the trams and the telephone surpassed the telegraph, it now seems the mobile is set to conquer the landline.
Confusion and doubt overtook him, and in his despair he ran up astronomical charges on 1-900 help lines.
It is thought a dark-coloured Vauxhall Corsa, travelling south, overtook a line of traffic headed by a container lorry.