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overtone / обертон, подтекст, нотка
имя существительное
overtone, harmonic
subtext, implication, undertone, overtone
note, overtone
hint, allusion, cue, reference, suggestion, overtone
имя существительное
a musical tone that is a part of the harmonic series above a fundamental note and may be heard with it.
This third phase of tonal theory argued in favour of a natural basis for major - minor tonality in the overtones of the harmonic series.
a subtle or subsidiary quality, implication, or connotation.
the decision may have political overtones
For instance, the first overtone for any sound is found at 2X the fundamental frequency (an octave above).
That is, vowels are created by the first few broad peaks on the amplitude envelope imposed on the overtone spectrum by vocal-tract resonances.
This allows either the crystal's fundamental frequency or its third overtone to be selected.
Similarly, laws with distinctly racial overtones may have also had gendered meanings.
To be sure, the question of Irish Home Rule added to the tensions inside Britain, and the suffrage controversy divided Britons on an issue with both political and emotional overtones .
Although it had some religious overtones , Carnival has become a purely secular event.
A challenge to the religious status quo carried strong political overtones , and vice versa.
More troublingly, it has acquired political overtones .
But Beijing made it clear that surveys with noncommercial overtones , such as political opinion polls, are strictly prohibited.
His vibrant paintings offer traditional scenes of Nigerian villages and tribal customs, with only a few subtle political overtones .