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overtax / перенапрягать, обременять, перегружать работой
overtax, overextend, overstrain, overtrain
burden, encumber, charge, load, saddle, overtax
перегружать работой
overtask, drive, overtax
require (a person or company) to pay too much tax.
if you're overtaxed, we want you in our party
make excessive demands on (a person's strength, abilities, etc.).
do athletes overtax their hearts?
But the Government still refuses to do that for the income tax rate itself, and therefore continues to overtax New Zealanders - and to overtax them progressively more as each year goes by.
From day five to day 25, the software system triggered the lights to go off for nine hours a day, giving us plenty of time to keep eating but not so much that we would overtax our hearts or bones.
For this purpose disasters can be defined as external events that seriously overtax the ability of individuals and their communities to respond with the resources available.
Although rare in the general population, patients who somatise seem to represent a sizable population in general medical clinics, and they probably overuse and overtax the healthcare system.
But all of them either overtax the processing power of the servers at the gambling sites or jam up pipelines.
We increased compression of the data to make it small enough so we didn't overtax the processor.
There is a theory in Economics called the Philips curve, which states that, if you overtax a nation beyond a certain point, the actual tax revenue will decline, as taxpayers will build up a resistance and compliance will decline rapidly.
By definition, disasters are life-threatening events that can overtax the ability of people to respond.
do athletes overtax their hearts?
do athletes overtax their hearts?