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overtake / обгон
имя существительное
overtaking, overtake, outrunning, go-by
overtake, run down, overhaul
catch up, overtake
overtake, reach, run down
catch up with and pass while traveling in the same direction.
the driver overtook a line of vehicles
(especially of misfortune) come suddenly or unexpectedly upon.
the pattern of economic ruin overtook them
Express bus drivers who don't overtake other buses, hence stopping unnecessarily at every stop.
Isn't it just so annoying when one lorry travelling at 60 mph tries to overtake another which is travelling at 58 mph?
Tourism is doing pretty well in Mauritius, too, and is set to overtake sugar as the country's most important industry.
Later that year he presented the Report on Manufactures, an ambitious plan to overtake Britain in industrial output.
The team has managed to overtake last year's successes to receive commendation for every entry they submitted this year.
Take along some mint because the fast descent down the mountain might disturb even city folk, especially when the driver pulls out to overtake other cars on the narrow road.
My driver then tries to overtake the truck at the same time.
While chipping at the landing is still the principal means of comminution, bundling is growing rapidly and could easily overtake roadside chipping within a few years.
In this, time was an indispensable ally: dictators might die, crops fail, disaster overtake an expedition; it all helps, given time.
If I didn't, I feared panic would overtake me so badly that I really had no other choice but to try and go.