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oversubscribed / превышать намеченную сумму
превышать намеченную сумму
имя прилагательное
applied for in greater quantities than are available or expected.
those bonds were said to be twelve to fourteen times oversubscribed
But, because the school is oversubscribed , new geographical priority areas were drawn up for 2005 criteria.
When it raised $696 million in late October without breaking a sweat, individual investors in Hong Kong queued up to apply for shares in a deal that ended up being oversubscribed 50 times.
Parents were told that because the school was oversubscribed this year, those children living furthest away within the catchment area could not have places.
The share offer was eleven times oversubscribed .
The share issue, which raised $890 million, was more than four times oversubscribed .
The share issue of Denway Investments in 1993 became the most oversubscribed issue in the history of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
He said the company had initially planned to raise around €1 million in funding, but had taken ‘the pragmatic view’ when the round was oversubscribed .
University boat clubs are oversubscribed and lots of schools are starting rowing which is great.
The share placing was heavily oversubscribed and the company said it had raised the money to have the flexibility to look at small acquisitions.
The awards will help universities and colleges differentiate between candidates for oversubscribed courses.