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overstretch / слишком натягивать, простираться слишком далеко
слишком натягивать
простираться слишком далеко
stretch too much.
the aches and pains of overstretched muscles
make excessive demands on.
classes are very large and facilities are overstretched
Cats from their own county already overstretch both these facilities.
Be sure to maintain the stretched position for at least 20 seconds, and do not overstretch the muscles.
I know the police are overstretched but I don't think they leave the investigation of attempted murders to cack-handed private investigators.
Unions said they are extremely worried that the ‘drastic cuts’ would affect health service, and warned it would put already overstretched staff under more strain.
Acute, or sudden, injuries can be the product of either a blunt trauma or overstretching a muscle, joint or tendon.
We are already overstretched and all these people moving in are just going to make the problem worse.
The clash of the two events, which will both cause major security headaches for the already overstretched Lothian and Borders Police, has led to calls for the force to be given more cash to help with the pressures of policing the capital.
The service has been overstretched , placing undue pressure on members and this, coupled with the inequality of pay, has forced them to take action.
The scale of the looming disaster also places a massive burden on already overstretched relief agencies reeling from famines in southern Africa and chaos in Afghanistan.
It is madness to cut the infantry at a time when they are already overstretched .