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overstock / излишний запас, избыток
имя существительное
излишний запас
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overstock
overstock, glut
делать слишком большой запас
supply with more of something than is necessary or required.
do not overstock the kitchen with food
имя существительное
(especially in a manufacturing or retailing context) a supply or quantity in excess of demand or requirements.
factory overstock
The retailer saved millions in distribution and warehousing costs as improved sales and order forecasts reduced the need to overstock in-house supplies.
What it says there, in the ‘model’ contract between publisher and author, is that, one year after a book has appeared, the publisher shall have the right to dispose of copies as a remainder or overstock .
Some 78 brand name stores offer overstock , out-of-season and even slightly faulty items at bargain prices.
This has allowed the company to handle overstock from key suppliers internationally and supply specific packages of music products to non-traditional outlets such as bars, restaurants and clothes retailers.
Chilling: Don't overstock your fridge or freezer.
We've struggled to keep up and cleared out most of our overstock .
In anticipation of higher sales, and due to poor forecasting, a gallery may overstock a particular item or resource.
Far from speculating on a price rise when demand picks up in the future, our retailer will put his overstock on sale when demand is weak.
There would be penalties - today it is voluntary - where there would be penalties for failing to comply when they overstock the transmission lines with excessive electricity.
The answer, then, to keeping our second-hand bookshops in new stock is for our book distributors and publishers to let second-hand book dealers have access to their overstock .