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overstep / переступить, перешагнуть, переходить границы
overstep, overstate
overstep, walk over, stride, stride over, stride across
переходить границы
overstep, transgress, go beyond the limit, overstep the line of, exceed
pass beyond or exceed (a limit or standard).
you must not overstep your borrowing limit
you must not overstep your borrowing limit
you must not overstep your borrowing limit
Last week he turned down a request by the opposition for the convening of parliament in defiance of the president, saying he ‘can not overstep the limits’ of his powers.
The government oversteps its discretionary power to censor political speech when protesters are discriminated against merely based on the content of their unpopular speech.
The university relations officer feels that the student society is overstepping its mandate by entering into such a contract.
As anyone close to the Supreme Court's work knows, this court has increasingly restricted the power of Congress when, in its view, Congress overstepped the powers granted to it by the Constitution.
But the defence still wants some of the items disqualified, claiming that investigators overstepped the limits of the search warrant.
Most serious of all is that our political leaders repeatedly overstepped the scope of their constitutionally prescribed jobs.
In some ways, however, it was the court's majority that was in danger of overstepping the limits of its power.
Moreover, if he is overstepping the limits of his office, it is in part because the insurance commissioners of New York and other states are not doing their jobs.