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overstay / засидеться, задерживаться, загоститься
overstay, sit late, outsit, outstay
linger, stay, lag, overstay, repose, stay on
stay longer than the time, limits, or duration of.
he was arrested for overstaying his visa
The plan was to overstay the visa, get a work permit and stay in America for good.
In his case, he had overstayed his visa by 2 days.
He was arrested for overstaying his visa and, fearing deportation, applied for refugee status.
A pregnant Korean woman enters the United States on a visa, overstays the visa and decides to stay in the country permanently.
Yet the vast majority of the unknown number of illegal migrants living in Britain are overstayers ; that is people who entered Britain legally as visitors, to work, or as students, and failed to go home again.
One girl's father has also been arrested, for overstaying his visa.
He has been in detention in Bali since he was arrested there on 14 June 2000 for overstaying his tourist visa.
The Justice Department has also announced that it is entering into its criminal data bank the names and descriptions of nearly 300,000 people who are charged with overstaying visas or otherwise staying in the country illegally.
Many are second or third generation overstayers and some even trace their ancestry back hundreds of years to The Great Fleet.
He was charged in April 1995 with overstaying his visa, and had been free on $15,000 bond while he pursued his claim for political asylum.