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overstate / преувеличивать, переступить
exaggerate, magnify, overstate, overdraw, stretch, amplify
overstep, overstate
express or state too strongly; exaggerate.
I may have overstated my case to make my point
It would hardly overstate the case to say that Lee was worried about how this would turn out.
Statisticians say the inflation figures may overstate the speed of price rises.
To say that all purges are bad is probably an overstatement .
The importance of this book for the future of the Church of Christ can hardly be overstated .
It sounds like a ridiculous overstatement , but it's true.
You know, to say that they would be confused might be overstating it.
Political pundits are often accused, usually rightly, of overstating the significance of by-election results.
The urgency of taking more effective action to achieve these goals can hardly be overstated .
I'm overstating the obvious, but try to imagine a successful relationship between a man who loves chalga and a woman who favors Bach.
If he couldn't get that support when he was overstating the threat, it's hard to see how he could ever have obtained it.