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overspill / избыток населения, эмигрирующий избыток населения, то, что пролито
имя существительное
избыток населения
эмигрирующий избыток населения
то, что пролито
overspill, spilth
имя существительное
people or things that spill over or are in excess.
An essence she might purchase in a tiny phial for a considerable sum is so abundant, here at its source, that it's no doubt poured roughly into barrels and the overspills trampled into mud - or so she fancies.
Maybe it will come but we don't seem to be a destination for the overspill from Glasgow.
Like any successful event there was an overspill into another venue.
The modern balcony now accommodates the overspill of snackers.
We now have an overspill of graduates with degrees in media studies, many of whom will never work in newspapers, television or PR, and an acute shortage of essential workers such as nurses, builders, joiners and plumbers.
There is also concern about the long-term parking situation as Pope's Avenue, at the side of Gifford House, is already suffering from the overspill of parking from the borough's controlled parking zone.
You could try to enforce a limit on the amount the binmen collect, but would leaving the overspill at the side of the road be a good thing?
there was an extra bed for the overspill of sleepers
organizing arrangements for overspill from the cities
They will also want to know if these controls will just cause an overspill of traffic on to secondary roads.
Debut features, particularly those made by auteur directors, often tend to be overwrought with emotional content, the overspill of a 30-year build-up of frustration and raw talent.