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overspend / сорить деньгами, тратить слишком много, поиздержаться
сорить деньгами
overspend, lash out, splash, splash out, launch out, scatter
тратить слишком много
spend more than the expected or allotted amount.
she overspent on her husband's funeral
Departments of education, planning and transport, resources and social services are all expected to overspend .
the department can see that it is going to overspend its budget
The department has spent 99% of its budget and is expected to overspend by the end of this financial year.
Other departments are also expected to overspend by more than £1.5m.
After six months, the department is on course to overspend by £1.5 million, up £200,000 from September's figure.
Early projections show the department is on course to overspend by £1.3 million unless action is taken.
Fostering is also expected to overspend by £1 million, while the amount spent on children in secure accommodation is £800,000 into the red.
Members of Airedale Primary Care Trust Board heard at its last meeting that the Trust is expected to overspend by more than £2 million this financial year.
Although we have a winter maintenance budget, if we overspend , the money comes out of the reserves.
But last month the Council heard that with the continued level of spending, social services is likely to overspend by £2.3 million this year.