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oversleep / проспать, просыпать, заспаться
oversleep, sleep away, slumber away, oversleep oneself
oversleep, spill, sleep through, sleep over, sleep till
oversleep, oversleep oneself
sleep longer or later than one intended.
we talked until the early hours and consequently I overslept
Typically sufferers become low and lethargic, tend to overeat and oversleep , gain weight, and sometimes work and relationships suffer as a result of low confidence and self-esteem.
If I don't get that much, I tend to oversleep until I've had the 4 hours, no matter how many alarms I have set.
Try and get an early night so I don't oversleep tomorrow.
When she finally got through, her relief was inflected with incredulity: for the first time, her usually diligent daughter had overslept , and missed the bus.
But we have ALL overslept for work at some point.
This morning, I overslept because I was having a dream about oversleeping.
I curse myself for oversleeping through the 1999 eclipse.
Saturday I overslept , and then was informed that due to my lateness in getting home that night, I had to shovel the driveway.
Having overslept , leaving me with just 10 minutes to iron a shirt, have a shower and get dressed, I was forced to skip my usual breakfast of cornflakes, a banana and a glass of orange juice.
Frustration over Athens' transport system grew among media and Olympic officials today after some bus drivers overslept and others became lost on new roads.