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oversimplify / упрощать, понимать слишком упрощенно
simplify, oversimplify, streamline, prune, prune down, prune away
понимать слишком упрощенно
simplify (something) so much that a distorted impression of it is given.
a false and oversimplified view of human personality
If you do not really look at something, it is easy to oversimplify it.
And it is all too easy in such gatherings to oversimplify issues, to applaud our own outlook, and to dismiss the opinions of others, sometimes with more than a trace of sarcasm.
Even if people get the general impression right, they will often oversimplify the details.
Second, cultural relativist arguments may oversimplify the complexity and fluidity of culture by treating culture as monolithic and moral norms within a particular culture as readily ascertainable.
This formulation of the problem is naturally oversimplified , but it allows for general observations.
Unfortunately, the essay is also brimming with oversimplifications , empty vitriol and overstated positions - the very things he criticizes Christian Nation advocates for.
It takes astonishing chutzpah to get up there and deliver a speech that you know is full of contradictions, oversimplifications and outright falsehoods.
We oversimplified his argument in last week's report and incorrectly suggested he wanted the funding for the recreation centre, and apologise.
I have always had problems with these oversimplified concepts, usually driven by certain buzz words.
Blaming globalisation for the general ills of the world or demanding the return of the lost paradise are oversimplifications which only serve to detract from the real issues.