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overshadow / затмевать, омрачать, затенять
overshadow, obscure, outshine, blind, outmatch, efface
darken, overshadow, cloud, overcloud, shadow, alloy
shade, overshadow, shadow
tower above and cast a shadow over.
an enormous oak tree stood overshadowing the cottage
appear much more prominent or important than.
his competitive nature often overshadows the other qualities
And, of course, what President would want to appoint his predecessor, a man of great charm and pizzaz, to a position where he might actually overshadow the new President.
But it was not intended to stand apart from his scientific work, let alone overshadow it.
Routine modernization and the recapitalization of legacy systems appear to overshadow programs that could yield disruptive innovation.
In later Buddhist folklore and thought these sentiments grew so prominent as to overshadow even the premier value of liberation.
There is an inevitable sense of foreboding and personal betrayal that seem to overshadow any story told in this genre.
And his parents always caught him at the wrong times - and then there was always Quasim to overshadow him and make everything worse.
The court hopes that this film's quality will eventually overshadow its bizarre notoriety.
Investor gloom may well overshadow improving economic fundamentals through the summer.
But too often, experts say, economic issues overshadow important emotional considerations.
Social values and the promotion of a positive self image are at the forefront and for some, overshadow mere competition.