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oversew / сшивать через край, надшивать
сшивать через край
whipstitch, oversew, overcast, whip
sew (the edges of something) with every stitch passing over the join.
oversew the two long edges together
oversew the two long edges together
For patients with recurrent pneumothorax, surgery to remove, oversew , or staple any residual blebs may be indicated.
oversew the two long edges together
Your thesis will be oversewn , which is the strongest, most durable type of sewing available.
The books are side sewn if the book is thin, and oversewn if the book is thick.
The patient's chest was opened within five minutes, multiple units of blood were transfused, the hole was oversewn and the patient's blood pressure was stabilized.
The majority of operations described involved cutting the Fallopian tube and oversewing the cut end so that it was hidden.
This lesion was oversewn with a felt-buttoned 4-0 Prolene suture, leading to complete termination of bleeding.
However, it is possible that it may occur simply as a result of oversewing a bowel segment at the time of anastomosis.