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oversensitive / сверхчувствительный
имя прилагательное
supersensitive, oversensitive, overdelicate
имя прилагательное
(especially of a person or an instrument) excessively sensitive.
Bentley was oversensitive to criticism
I thought it was just me - I am oversensitive to personal space issues.
But parents have always been oversensitive to what their children read and watch.
I think I gave my best performance that night, and soon Henry was leading me off stage the way we'd planned, with a shower of applause reaching my oversensitive ears.
Maybe I'm oversensitive but generalising about 3 billion people without a thorough and extensive survey to back it up seems a little arrogant.
The software does seem a touch oversensitive to certain key words but I've never had a problem with blogs, even the more foul-mouthed ones.
Touch stimulation overwhelms this oversensitive child.
Any player can be criticized, so it's no place for the oversensitive .
Being an oversensitive person, my expectations from each of my relationships with family, friends and relatives were really high.
Jane was rather oversensitive , and harped on about the glass of champagne for rather a long time.
I was always told when I was a child, you're too sensitive, you're oversensitive .