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oversell / продавать сверх своих запасов
продавать сверх своих запасов
sell more of (something) than exists or can be delivered.
a surge in airlines overselling flights
While future non-lethal technologies may achieve the promises articulated by today's visionaries, the tendency to oversell current capabilities could prove disastrous.
The commercial conflicts of interest between rigorous science and advertising claims or editorials that oversell a medicine or treatment demonstrate yet another aspect of the inextricable mix of science with the social world.
One of the issues that the vendors have been working to overcome is the perception that some have tried to oversell their wares and have created chaos instead of streamlined workflow.
‘Street agents’ eager to take advantage of the naivete of young football players will oversell them on their skills and falsely raise their expectations.
This Government continues to oversell its spin on these sorts of amendments to try to get what it wants.
In our euphoria over the public demonstration of airpower's considerable abilities and accomplishments, we should not oversell it or lose sight of its limitations.
They regularly oversell the number of seats on a given flight.
I think you are overselling the wonders of liability in several ways.
The recovery in the Nasdaq is more a reaction to the market being oversold and cuts in US short-term interest rates.
But the selling point of these films is that they present these contrasts and conflicts within the scene without overselling their respective positions.