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oversee / наблюдать, надзирать, подсматривать
watch, see, observe, oversee, supervise, eye
oversee, supervise, superintend, overlook, patrol
pry, oversee, pry into, pry about
supervise (a person or work), especially in an official capacity.
a trustee appointed to oversee Corrie's finances
A new Justice Department would be created to oversee the work of courts and sentences set.
a trustee appointed to oversee Corrie's finances
The Council also has the power to oversee the Leader's work and to dismiss him if he fails to perform his duties properly.
There was no health and safety plan in place or a supervisor appointed to oversee the works.
New staff brought into the chief executive's office will oversee the project.
The Primary Care Trust, which oversees the work of GP practices, is carrying out its own investigation.
The educators were asked if they were willing to continue overseeing the students.
Last week the Highways Agency, which is overseeing the project, admitted for the first time the road may not be ready this year.
The charity is working closely with the Monastery Trust, which is overseeing the restoration project.
Party members oversaw the work of a commune to ensure that decisions followed the correct party line.