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overseas / за границей, за границу, за морем
за границей
abroad, overseas, across the border, oversea
за границу
abroad, overseas, oversea
за морем
overseas, beyond the sea, over the sea, beyond the seas, over the seas, oversea
имя прилагательное
overseas, oversea, outlandish, ultramarine, transmarine, peregrin
overseas, oversea, transborder
overseas, transoceanic, oversea
имя прилагательное
from, to, or relating to a foreign country, especially one across the sea.
overseas trips
in or to a foreign country, especially one across the sea.
he spent quite a lot of time working overseas
We're told that when we go overseas we must respect the values of our host nation.
It is estimated that there are four times as many Lebanese living overseas as there are in Lebanon.
Such is the sketch of the story, which will be published overseas in the full version soon.
This means its products are suitable for use in overseas markets and in the broader healthcare sector.
It is a kick in the teeth for the sailors who go on the ships that take our exports overseas .
It will not be her first trip overseas nor will it be her first representing her country.
Quite properly, the city's galleries and museums put on a spread for the many overseas visitors.
Virtually all of our overseas visitors will be coming from the coast and going to the coast.
They would then be able to compete with the new wave of overseas entrants on quality, waiting times and price.
Having never been abroad, she is considering where to go for her first trip overseas .