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overrun / перерасход, превышение стоимости
имя существительное
overrun, surcharge
превышение стоимости
flood, overrun, infest, inundate, deluge, saturate
devastate, ravage, waste, decimate, desolate, overrun
переливаться через край
overflow, overbrim, brim over, overrun, wash over, run over
имя существительное
an instance of something exceeding an expected or allowed time or cost.
an unexpectedly large cost overrun in the program
the movement or extension of something beyond an allotted or particular position or space.
the system acts as a brake to prevent cable overrun
the movement of a vehicle at a speed greater than is imparted by the engine.
Interim glowing takes place when necessary, for example after extended overrun if engine temperature has reduced.
spread over or occupy (a place) in large numbers.
the Mediterranean has been overrun by tourists
continue beyond or above (an expected or allowed time or cost).
he mustn't overrun his budget
Unlike many pretty spots on the California coast, Baywood Park isn't overrun with tourists.
the northern frontier was overrun by invaders
It's a pleasant market town that trades on its literary connections as cannily as you might expect, but the tourists did not appear to have overrun the place when I paid my early summer visit.
I recently witnessed a situation where a cable retrieve had just finished and a slight cable overrun had occurred, leaving a single strand over the side of the drum.
There should be a system whereby if roadworks overrun then the company responsible should be fined.
A wicked mayor plans to overrun the town with rats, close the local primary school and convert it into loft apartments.
Interim glowing takes place when necessary, for example after extended overrun if engine temperature has reduced.
I just have this image in my head of a quiet suburban street being overrun by Aliens loping on all fours over the tarmac.
One example is where Sunny Beach meets neighbouring Sveti Vlas, a village almost overrun by new building.
Thier numbers need to be humanely controlled or else they would overrun the place.