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overrule / аннулировать, господствовать, отвергать предложение
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, overrule
dominate, rule, reign, prevail, predominate, overrule
отвергать предложение
имя существительное
верховная власть
supreme power, sovereignty, sovereign power, supremacy, crown, overrule
reject or disallow by exercising one's superior authority.
the Supreme Court overruled the lower court
Even then the legislation would have survived only so long as the High Court did not overrule its favourable decision.
For a start, international trade treaties that give corporations the power to overrule national regulations and cancel import tariffs need to be rewritten or scrapped.
It does not have the power to overrule decisions, but can recommend executive members reconsider the issue.
In reality, the government had the power under the Law to veto or overrule any attempt by the workforce to hamper the privatization process by withdrawing their consent.
The recommendation still has to be considered by the Police Authority on February 13, which could technically overrule the group.
The real problem behind Tai-wan's UN bid is that the Security Council can overrule the General Assembly with the unilateral veto powers of its five permanent members.
While inside, she informed the barman of their predicament, but he laughed at her and told her he could not overrule the doorman's decision.
The Prime Minister should act now to overrule his official, and withdraw the request for prosecution.
The US supreme court has both the power and, some say, the inclination, to intervene and overrule her decision to allow for factors such as the manual recount to be considered.
The Act allows the Commons to overrule the Lords if it rejects a piece of legislation approved by MPs in two successive sessions.