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overrate / переоценивать
overestimate, revalue, overrate, overvalue, re-evaluate, overprize
have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.
dismissing the work as pompous and overrated
It would not be his fault if he were overrated; it would be the fault of the (mostly white) writers who overrate him.
Traditional plus-minus systems tend to overrate average players on good teams and underrate good players on lousy ones.
Sagittarians tend to overrate the benefits of activity.
‘A vast array of individuals seriously overrate the importance of money in making themselves, and others, happy,’ said the strategist in a recent memo to clients.
There are those who say that he is overrated on some counts - that he made some bad Beethoven recordings, and so on.
The press failed just as miserably in New Hampshire - but this time by overestimating and overrating him.
In your opinion, who is the most overrated celebrity today?
The existence of one billion squatters might suggest that ownership is overrated .
I believe this to be the true king of the jungle and not that overrated pretender, the lion.
Conversation is overrated anyway, though don't tell that to the waiters here.