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overprice / устанавливать завышенную цену
устанавливать завышенную цену
charge too high a price for.
overpriced hotels
Despite being a tad overpriced it is a lovely little apartment.
Sometimes, the house is overpriced , or there are factors like being on a busy road, that we can't change.
Now, a competent, perceptive drinker will immediately remark that hotel bars are overpriced .
Some people love them, others think they are overpriced and worn by fashion victims and posers.
Property in the capital is still overpriced , especially at the top end.
Tim pointed out that the wine list was titanically overpriced and deeply unimaginative.
You will get pulled up in a train which ends underground at a cafe serving overpriced junk food.
Free downloads are payback for years of record companies and record shops overpricing their product and becoming complacent that people will forever consume it in the same manner.
They even managed to Google themselves - twice in fact; first, by overpricing the shares; then, through panicky underpricing.
Ever wonder how Plateau friperies get away with massively overpricing their retro gear?