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overplay / переигрывать, придавать чрезмерное значение, раздувать
replay, overplay, overact, emote, ham, mug
придавать чрезмерное значение
overemphasize, overplay
blow up, fan, blow, stir up, distend, overplay
give undue importance to; overemphasize.
he thinks the idea of a special relationship between sitter and artist is much overplayed
His role is essential, as he's the counterpoint to the bookish and serious Ernesto, and it would be easy to overplay the oversexed Alberto.
It would be easy for an actor to mishandle any of these threads, to overplay key moments by slipping into self-indulgence.
I do not think we have ever, at any stage, downplayed the risk to children, but it is important that we do not overplay the risk to children.
A sparse script and real sensitivity from the actors, none of whom overplay their role, only adds further to the film's power.
It is difficult to overplay the importance of this kind of relationship for a child like Paul.
the uncontrollable urge of ham actors to overplay their parts
Too many other bands either overplay their isolation or amplify their anger.
Having said all this, it is important not to overplay the Confucian card.
The reason, he suggested, was that news reports tend to overplay the importance of any particular piece of information.
No longer did she need to exaggerate or overplay - she knew how to use the subtle expressions, the interplay of emotions in her face, to maximum effect.