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overpay / переплачивать
pay (someone) too highly.
many fans think our top players are overpaid
I'm much more of the opinion that it's better to overpay a player for a shorter contract.
to overpay taxes
You therefore in effect overpay each month, which is why your mortgage would be cleared more quickly.
History has shown that the Blackhawks lose players because they won't pay fair market value, then overpay others with lesser talent to make up for their gaffes.
Local tax offices will arrange for cheques to be accepted - if you overpay you cannot be fined and can claim the excess back later.
But many companies overpay their taxes because, by the end of the year, they have turned out smaller incomes than expected.
Students need all the money they can get their hands on - and one of the easiest ways is not to overpay tax.
They can also think about repaying part of the mortgage off early if they can, or overpay each month.
Basically, the bargain was this: lower and middle class workers would overpay payroll taxes for a few decades, and following that the well off would overpay income taxes for a few decades.
The tool company received more than $83,000 in overpayments .