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overpass / эстакада
имя существительное
overpass, trestle, flyover, skyway, overhead road, trestlework
overcome, surmount, cover, negotiate, get over, overpass
pass, penetrate, go, run, cover, overpass
exceed, surpass, go beyond, outreach, top, overpass
имя существительное
a bridge by which a road or railroad passes over another.
It also involves dismounting to clear bridges, under bridges, overpasses , signs, culverts and guard rails.
pass over; traverse.
She had never been more than 5 miles out of Bennett but they had overpassed that mark earlier that day.
Wherefore also he used to overpass by a very great deal the lines marked out, in every way springing higher than the very heaven.
‘Up there, under the overpass and cross the road,’ she said.
Osier and Mrs. Thomassen found my sister shivering in a pile of leaves under a railway overpass on the east side of downtown.
a capacity to overpass old limits
Seven cars filled with oats and one empty car derailed near an overpass on Sangamon Avenue, Springfield police and the Union Pacific Railroad said.
The current structure encompasses a pedestrian walkway, rail line and a vehicle overpass .
did not its sublimity overpass a little the bounds of the ridiculous?
As the driver lost control of the bus and it slid toward a railway overpass , he yelled, ‘Hold on!’
Overhead, a helicopter hovers at such a low height that it only just clears the occasional overpass bridges that appear.
It was pulled off beside the road under an overpass .