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overpaid / переплачивать
pay (someone) too highly.
many fans think our top players are overpaid
The problem is that most of the public has little if any idea of the nature of what ferry workers do, but are certainly eager to hate them because of the false impression that they are overpaid .
If you have been overpaid , and expect your income for the current tax year to rise by more than £2,500, you must tell the Revenue.
While it's true that he was overpaid , money rarely is an issue at Inter.
The department of work and pensions were demanding the money after the family were overpaid the money, which they spent on care.
The small family firms and municipal bus companies were inefficient and badly run and drivers were overpaid by profligate local councils.
Seventy percent of the Europeans polled, for example, think that top business executives are overpaid .
My view has not changed: politicians are overpaid , not underpaid.
Company pension schemes were today criticised for the threatening way they tried to recover money they had mistakenly overpaid to members.
That is so, your Honour.… that they passed on that component of it, which was the tax that was overpaid .
Footballers are like politicians - many are overpaid and more often than not they do not manage their exit from the stage very well at all.