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overnight / ночной, продолжающийся всю ночь
имя прилагательное
night, nightly, nocturnal, overnight, sleeping, vespertine
продолжающийся всю ночь
nightlong, overnight
накануне вечером
overnight, previous night
всю ночь
overnight, nightlong
fast, quickly, quick, prompt, swift, overnight
оставаться на ночь
имя прилагательное
for use overnight.
an overnight bag
for the duration of a night.
they refused to stay overnight
имя существительное
a stop or stay lasting one night.
overnights can be arranged in Kathmandu
stay for the night in a particular place.
I overnighted at the Beverly Wilshire
Others chose to stay in Horseshoe Bay overnight .
This was just a few years after Lord Byron woke to find Child Harold's Pilgrimage in the bookshops and himself famous, as it were, overnight .
Or you can simply overnight in a street parking space in any of Europe's fascinating cities.
People should be able to recharge their batteries overnight while at home or in the commuters' parking lot while at work.
Luckily, she found an acquaintance she could stay with overnight and by the following day, most of the crowd were allowed through the checkpoint.
The data net is so low-tech that it has to overnight mug shots of terrorists to far-flung offices.
Later in the day, one of the workers was told by mobile phone that the boat had broken down and they would have to overnight on the island.
An August snowstorm forced us to overnight at the ‘hotel’ on the top of L' Iseran making for a tricky descent the following morning on the icy road.
But to stay here overnight and look up at the night sky… it's worth it.
These include overnight accommodation courtesy of The Grange Hotel in Clifton, York, with a meal for two at its exclusive Ivy Brasserie.