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overmuch / слишком много, чрезмерно
слишком много
overmuch, to excess
excessively, overly, overmuch, over, unduly, prohibitive
too much.
I would not worry myself overmuch
His expression smoothly dispensed of his surprise and assumed a look of cunning which Em didn't like overmuch .
He would like to see people taking a little more exercise rather than worrying overmuch about whether they've eaten too much chocolate.
But if I'm honest the illogicality didn't concern me overmuch .
Sometimes we argue overmuch when what we should do is shut up.
She bit her lip to keep it from trembling overmuch .
Heat's not rising anymore; it's settled, close and wet, nothing to do but sweat and try not to breathe overmuch .
This is a tiny airport with very few formalities and even fewer facilities, so nobody worries overmuch about designated parking places.
If the guy wants what is best for his country, and if he does not infringe on mine overmuch to do it, he can go right ahead.
I would not worry myself overmuch
The notion that he was a great man who hesitated overmuch to exercise power over his brother bishops seems to me to be much closer to the reality.