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overmaster / покорять, подчинять себе, овладеть всецело
conquer, submit, subjugate, subdue, bend, overmaster
подчинять себе
master, overmaster
овладеть всецело
overcome; conquer.
he was overmastered by events
Aromatic logs would be burned under the windows of the rich to overmaster the stench that penetrated the city.
Yet there is one writer whose unmistakable voice will occasionally overmaster hers.
It's a weakness of mine, I admit, that my judgment is often overmastered by passion.
One thing, however, can be said with reasonable confidence: throughout his life Aristotle was driven by one overmastering desire - the desire for knowledge.
The life-story perspective reveals a common presentation in patients who have been demoralized and overmastered by circumstances.
Everything is made subordinate to the overmastering dictates of war.
They know that the overmastering intentions of the cosmos cannot be undone, but believe that down the line events can be tweaked.
Yet while under the influence of the Summoning Stone, I feared for a time that it was the Demon King himself who had overmastered me, for I could not sense Morlock anywhere… but I understand better now.
Sometimes she felt the overmastering desire to strangle her with kisses.
Presumably they have all left their warm beds at the compulsion of some overmastering motive: duty, ambition, or fear of poverty.