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overlord / повелитель, сюзерен, владыка
имя существительное
lord, overlord, sovereign, arbiter
suzerain, overlord
lord, overlord
dominate, rule, reign, prevail, predominate, overlord
dominate, overlord
имя существительное
a ruler, especially a feudal lord.
Much later, during the mid-1800s, Kathak had a renaissance and gained prominence among the kings and feudal overlords not only as a form of entertainment but also as a classical art form.
the undisputed overlord of the crime family
With the help of his feudal overlord Henry I of France, William, aged twenty, crushed the revolt on the field of Vales Dunes, near Caen.
We worship our newly enlarged, all powerful, democratically elected mayoral overlord .
His position once secured (which took some years), his conduct in all the kingdoms except Northumbria and Wessex seems to have been more that of a direct ruler than a remote overlord .
William inherited a financial system which brought him the income from royal lands, the revenues from justice, and his dues as overlord .
the undisputed overlord of the crime family
It's like it's been programmed into my skull and some mysterious overlord is controlling my actions.
There had been a storm, though, I think, and the ship had run aground on an island ruled by some sort of nasty feudal overlord .
A feudal magnate could exercise more power over his tenants than the king who was his overlord .
The anti-hero this time around is Lord Zetta, a brazen, arrogant jerk of an overlord who inadvertently destroys his own netherworld and ends up getting trapped inside a book.