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overlook / игнорировать, проглядеть, упускать из виду
ignore, disregard, overlook, defy, eliminate, elide
overlook, browse, look over, pass over
упускать из виду
lose sight of, overlook
имя существительное
omission, lapse, flaw, overlook, dereliction, default
review, survey, visibility, stocktaking, overlook, conspectus
inspection, examination, survey, visit, checkup, overlook
fail to notice (something).
he seems to have overlooked one important fact
have a view of from above.
the chateau overlooks fields of corn and olive trees
supervise; oversee.
bewitch with the evil eye.
they told them they were overlooked by some unlucky Person
имя существительное
a commanding position or view.
he veered off the highway onto an overlook
Liberals were once happy to overlook the country's crimes, seeing only a model democratic state
Stone Mountain, the highest point, provides an overlook to the water.
It was a serene overlook off of the Blue Ridge Parkway I found while looking for a quiet place to contemplate my post-residency plans.
The prisoner promised that if the Magistrates would overlook the offence he would not do anything of the kind again.
Also, I was most intrigued with this sighting because we saw it on a mountain at a city overlook where light pollution is highest.
In contrast, the auditor will be prepared to overlook immaterial errors in financial statements and in underlying records.
Outside the park adjacent to Two Medicine Road, Looking Glass Highway climbs to a dramatic overlook .
She pulled off onto a small overlook and we stared down at the valley in front of us as she turned off the car.
In many situations where one group is the majority, they often overlook the important contributions of other members of society.
The world teaches us to live in denial and overlook the faults and failings that keep us from loving.