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overleaf / на обороте, на обратной стороне листа, на оборотной стороне
на обороте
на обратной стороне листа
на оборотной стороне
on the other side of the page.
an information sheet is printed overleaf
The requested dates of work overleaf have been provisionally booked.
In other cases, if you accept that we had the right to seize the things listed overleaf , we may return them to you on certain conditions.
The woeful story of the debt burden is illustrated in the map overleaf .
I showed her she was looking at the wrong page, and that overleaf my current - and valid - visa could be seen.
The response page should keep you busy for some time with links to servers that bear default pages similar to the one pictured overleaf .
Do let the magazine team know what you think, by writing to the address overleaf .
If I may turn overleaf , paragraph 3 is not contentious.
The responsibility for the payment of fees remains with the party to whom the letter overleaf is addressed.
This pattern of discovery may be schematized as in the figure overleaf .
On this leaflet it stated that customers should refer to the calendar overleaf for details of the recycling collection dates.