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overlap / перекрытие, совпадение, нахлестка
имя существительное
overlap, ceiling, overlay, floor, lap
coincidence, overlap, concurrence, alignment, congruence, conjunction
overlap, lap
overlap, cover, span, overlay, shut, bridge
частично совпадать
заходить один за другой
имя существительное
a part or amount that overlaps.
an overlap of about half an inch
extend over so as to cover partly.
the canopy overlaps the house roof at one end
Areas of range overlap between pairs and among neighboring woodpeckers were measured.
There was also found to be an overlap between shifts which led to some workers doing nothing for half an hour at each daily changeover.
They overlap in important ways, but it's a big mistake.
there is some overlap in requirements
A difficult area is the overlap with multiple sclerosis.
Fieldwork in other parts of Britain has found evidence of an overlap between the two periods.
Tackle the overlap using the cracks to the right before making a committing move to gain the small ledge above the overlap .
Thus there was a brief period of overlap between the two peoples and cultures.
By arranging themselves according to an angle determined by phi, the leaves can fill the spaces in the most efficient way possible, with the least amount of overlap .
Large diffusion coefficients or small growth rates reduce species overlap .