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overlain / лежать над, лежать на, заспать
лежать над
overlie, overlay
лежать на
overlie, overlay
overlay, overlie
lie on top of.
soft clays overlie the basalt
The upper contacts are mostly sharp and overlain by interbedded mudstone, dark brown mudstone, laminated mudstone and occasionally fine-grained sandstone.
In contrast, in the section south of the turbidites the lavas dip steeply northwards, and basalts are overlain by andesites.
The discontinuous clay bed is overlain by the top conglomerate, bed 4.
Dark, lichen-covered rocks towered above us in near-vertical cliff faces, some overlain by frozen waterfalls.
Basalt is commonly overlain by a sandstone-grit unit that locally grades upward into shale.
Here, the upper mudstone of the TST is erosively overlain by 3 m of bioturbated, clayey sandstone and mudstone.
The exposed serpentinite dome was surrounded and partly overlain by crustal blocks.
However, the former clearly extends further to the east to overlie other parts of the faulted sequence and may also extend slightly further to the west than the underlying block.
soft clays overlie the basalt
A thin marine clay ironstone with a patchy distribution overlies the flint.